The Target That Walks When You Hit It!

        US PATENT NUMBER 8413991

FUN For All Skill Levels                                                   

The Flippin' Critters® Walking Target® was designed with a single goal in mind . . . FUN! The Flippin’ Critters’® unique “tri-pod” design causes it flip or walk away from you every time you hit the target. Hit it and it takes a step. Hit it again and it takes another step. It’s always CHANGING. The Flippin’ Critters® Walking Target® is challenging and FUN for everyone that enjoys shooting.

Durable, Long-Lasting FUN

Every Flippin’ Critters® Walking Target® is made from hardened AR 400 and AR500 steel for long-lasting FUN. When used properly with appropriate ammo, the target will withstand thousands of rounds of target-shooting.

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  Made for use with .38, 9mm, .44 Special, .44 Mag, and .45ACP.  





             The Flippin' Critter Crow For .204- .223s             The Flippin' Critter Prairie Dog for .270- .300 Win Mag

             Made of tough 3/8" AR500 Plate                            Made of tough 1/2" AR500 Plate


There are 6 Flippin' Critters® to choose from for .22-.17.


Yellow Squirrel WT14SQ-22Y                    Orange Raccoon WT14RC-22O


Orange Crow  WT14CR-22O                 Yellow Prairie Dog WT14PD-22Y                      


Red Turkey WT14TU-22R                       Purple Circle  WT14RD-22V

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